What you said, what we did

Here is a selection of suggestions we have received from patients and staff in recent months. They are collected from the 3 suggestion boxes that are located around the Hospice. There are also various questionnaires and surveys for each service and included in them is an opportunity to suggest improvements; those are also included in this table. The suggestions go to the Senior Management Team meeting and their responses are captured and published to our intranet. Any actions identified will be communicated to the relevant department head.

May & June 2018

IPU Questionnaire May 2018

Q: While you were in St Teresa’s Hospice, did the staff involved in your care introduce themselves.
Additional Comment: ID badges on lanyards were tucked away, so a pin or badge would be useful.

Senior Management Team Comment: We will… Create a photomontage “welcome to IPU” to go on display near entrance. Remind staff to always introduce themselves. Check that glassboards are being filled in, in the bedrooms.

IPU Suggestion Box May 2018

It was so nice to see the “Welcome Howard” message written on the board in his room when we arrived – very welcoming.
Senior Management Team Comment: Thank you!

Woodlands Reception Suggestion Box June 2018

It would be helpful if Family Support/Volunteers would provide Woodland Reception [volunteer receptionists] with a list of their clients (first names will be fine) at the beginning of their sessions. Thank you.

ACTION: (i) remind all volunteer receptionists who to speak to if they want to ask a question or make a suggestion (ii) explain to all receptionists why