Once you have looked after your family and friends please think about leaving a gift to St Teresa’s Hospice in your Will.

  • Legacies form a key part of the on-going funding of St Teresa’s Hospice.
  • Any gift you leave us will help us to continue to provide our vital services in the Darlington & District community.
  • All legacies will be spent locally and will benefit local people.
    If after you have provided for those closest to you in your Will you would consider making a pledge of support, this can benefit the local community in which you live and work long after your death.
  • A pledge of residual money means that you can make sure loved ones are looked after and donate anything remaining to St Teresa’s Hospice.
  • Many people don’t think they are wealthy enough to make a difference, but in reality every pound helps and with the recent rise in property prices people are often wealthier than they realise.
  • St Teresa’s Hospice holds an annual ‘Make a Free Will’ scheme; please call (01325) 254321 for further details.
  • For further information on leaving a gift to St Teresa’s Hospice, and for our Guide to Making and Changing a Will, please contact Mrs Jane Bradshaw, Hospice Director, on (01325) 254321

The two most usual types of legacy gift:

Residuary: in other words the residue from the estate, after other specific people have been provided for.

Pecuniary: a fixed amount is specified in the will as a gift to, for example, the hospice.