Risk Assessment

Health & Safety & Risk Assement and Mitigation

[in accordance with Government/NHS/Public Health England/Hospice UK]

We continue to review all the guidance and updates arriving from these sources, to ensure we are up to date and compliant. This guidance has included information regarding various workplace scenarios. 

Our hospice’s operations include the following types:

  • office spaces and public reception areas/circulation spaces
  • refreshment areas
  • meeting rooms
  • warehousing
  • retail premises
  • clinical rooms
  • residential care facilities
  • treatment rooms

… all of which have similar but differing standards.

The CEO and Facilities Manager have undertaken comprehensive risk assessments to ensure the Hospice is compliant in every area. We are viewing the guidance and risk regularly to remain responsive to changing circumstances.

The risk assessment and mitigation document is held at the Hospice and shows actions taken to prevent the spread of COVID and protect our personnel, patients and the public.

We are required by the government to display a certificate in the workplace/s to this effect.